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Treble damages for forcible exclusion from real property.
For forcibly ejecting or excluding a person from the possession of real property, the measure of damages is three times such a sum as would compensate for the detriment caused to him by the act complained of. Title 21, Chap. 21-3, 21-3-6

Double damages for failure of tenant to give up premises after notice of intention.
For the failure of a tenant to give up the premises held by him, when he has given notice of his intention to do so, the measure of damages is double the rent which he ought otherwise to pay. Title 21, Chap. 21-3, 21-3-7

See Cal Civ Code, 3344.

Double damages for holding over by tenant after expiration of term and notice to quit.
For willfully holding over real property, by a tenant after the end of his term, and after notice to quit has been duly given, and demand of possession made, the measure of damages is double the yearly value of the property, for the time of withholding, in addition to compensation for the detriment occasioned thereby. Title 21, Chap. 21-3, 21-3-8                                                        

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